Why I Still Belief Affiliate Marketing Is Profitable

Having read a lot of posts yesterday about affiliate marketing being not profitable anymore made me wonder. I mean, if you follow me, you propaply know that we’re making affiliate paychecks over and over again. The difference is how people approach affiliate marketing.

And yeah, i tell you, SEO is not dead… It’s far from dead.

Affiliate marketing is still profitable if done the right way, the difference is that people are focusing on niches or tasks that are unprofitable. There’s no question that someone might moves into a niche that tends to be not that profitable then expected. Also, not every keyword seem’s to make as much as another keywords. Its always different and this is what i love about SEO & affiliate marketing.

Great video to be honest.. Why?

Because everytime someone asks me how long it does take to make the first money with affiliate sites, i say, it takes patience. Theres no exact timeframe. It could be one to two month until you hit the 4 figure mark (thats what i did back when i started out), or even longer.

The most important key is to be consistant with your efforts. I know that this is sometimes a pain in the a**, but it definitely pays off.